National Youth Science Day

This year, we're particularly excited to celebrate NYSD with a Cornell project - Drone Discovery!

This year’s challenge, Drone Discovery, explores the design, operation and purpose of drones in the real world. The challenge guides youth through the engineering design process to develop drone-based solutions to real-world problems. Through the challenge, youth come to understand concepts including flight dynamics, drone safety, drone operation, payload/remote sensing, and more. The Drone Discovery challenge is designed to take approximately two hours and is appropriate for students from grade 4 and above. Additional activities provide suggestions to extend learning about drones to real-world applications.

Plan for your event by visiting National 4-H Council's NYSD page, which includes the activity, marketing information, professional development (and the webinar recording), and more. Make sure you put your activity on the map (click "Register Event" on the NYSD page)!

We suggest that you try the activity before leading it with youth. The cameras especially can take some practice to use. For more help, you can check out these camera instructions from National 4-H Mall and Appendix B in the Facilitator Guide. If you're still having trouble, double-check your basics. Has the camera been charged? Is the micro-sd card installed in the camera? Some computers take a long time to recognize the camera when you connect it via the USB cable. You might need to try a different port on your computer or try another cable. You can also use SD card reader to get the video files directly from the SD card. 

Want to explore more about drones after NYSD? Check out some of these resources:

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Tuesday, April 12 2016

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