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4-H connects youth to hands-on learning opportunities that help them grow into competent, caring, contributing members of society.

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STARR 2017 Brochure


2017 Career Explorations is now open!


Registration for the 2017 Career Explorations is now live! Please visit the Career Explorations page for more information (look under the section "For Information for Participants and Families."

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State Teen Action Representative Retreat Registration


STARR 2017

April 21-23, 2017

STARR Keynote Speaker: Shaun Derik

STARR is a three-day, fun filled event where 4-H teens participate in a wide variety of workshops and activities that are meant to challenge, excite and further develop life skills. The event is planned by teens and adults serving on the youth/adult STARR planning committee. STARR is open to all NYS 4-H teens (13-19 years old). 

Location: New York State Fairgrounds, 4-H Youth Building, Syracuse, NY

Cost $85…


True Leaders

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Submitted by Tyler on April 13, 2016 - 1:25pm

Join the NYS 4-H Youth Development Program for the April 11, 2016 launch of National 4-H Council’s 4-H GROWS Campaign!

Cornell Animal Crackers

NYS 4-H Horse Communications

NYS 4-H Dairy Advisory Meeting

New York State 4-H Foundation Golf Open

March Dog Madness (tentative)

Horse Education Committee Meeting

Dairy Sheep Association of North America Symposium

National 4-H Livestock Judging and Skillathon Contests

NYS 4-H Dog Advisory Committee Meeting

National Youth Science Day at Cornell University

Fifth Annual 4-H Robotics Challenge: Day 3

Fifth Annual 4-H Robotics Challenge: Day 2

Fifth Annual 4-H Robotics Challenge: Day 1

NYS 4-H Foundation Golf Open

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